From Brussels to Pajottenland (Belgium)

We start in Anderlecht near the Erasmus hospital on the Lenniksebaan. Here there is plenty of parking space and easy access from the 'ring' around Brussels. We drive southwest through the Pajottenland until we reach Congoberg, a nice viewpoint to the north, as you can see on the picture. We return to Anderlecht, our starting point, parallel to the outward journey.

The Pajottenland is endowed with beautiful rolling hills and lots of nature and farmland. There are many small country roads where you can enjoy nature on your bike in peace. In the beautiful villages such as Pepingen, Herftelingen, Tollembeek or Vollezele you can relax and regain strength for the coming kilometers. We typify the route as 'hard' given the 410 altimeters that have to be conquered.

Practical information

Starting place and parking:

  • Lenniksebaan 435, 1070 Anderlecht

How do you cycle the route? This route is not signposted, soit is best to download the gpx file for your GPS. You can also simply print outthe route.

Length: 63 km

Altimeters: 410 meters