The tastes of the Hageland - Leuven (route)

The Hageland, a hilly, green region where the vines catch the sun on the southern slopes, lies to the east of Leuven. You pedal all the way to the gates of the sturdy moated castle of Horst. Along the way, you can virtually taste the sacred tranquillity of the beautiful Vlierbeek Abbey, and actually taste the delicious beers and the authentic Hageland wine.

Practical information

 Starting point and parking lot:

  • Depart on your bicycle from VisitLeuven (junction 10) in the centre of the city: Naamsestraat 3, 3000 Leuven

You can easily reach Leuven by train. From the train station you can follow the Bondgenotelaan to the Grote Markt. If you want to arrive by car you can park in different parkings in the city, or even beter outside the ring around Leuven. Like for example at the Kessel-Lo Provincial Domain Car Park 3 (junction 5) and cycle from here to junction 83. You will have to pay to park in the Domain’s car park in July and August.

How do you cycle the route? This route is not signposted, so it is best to download the gpx file for your GPS. You can also simply print out the route.

Length: 39 km

Altimeters: 210 meters

Highligths of the route

Kessel-Lo Provincial Domain

Take your time to explore this super cute leisure park on the outskirts of Leuven. You can have a picnic in the grass while the kids climb and clamber on the playground equipment. Float in a boat on the pond, splash in the paddling pool, or discover the nature of the swampy Lovenarenbroek.

Vlierbeek Abbey

The Benedictines who settled in Vlierbeek in 1127 knew exactly what they were doing when they picked this spot for their abbey. The church, the classical abbatial building, and the abbey farmare beautifully situated in the region. Step into the In den Rozenkrans inn, a delightful place with a nostalgic feel and an impressive beer menu.

Horst Castle

It’s almost as if a knight in shining armour could gallop through the gate on a mighty steed at any moment. The rugged Horst Castle’s history dates back to the 13th century, although the square residential tower was added in the 15th century. The lady of the castle, Maria-Anna van den Tympel, gave the castle its present form in the 17th century.

Hageland Wine Visitor Centre

If you want to learn more about Hageland wine, then this handsome, 19th-centurybuilding is the place to be. A tip: Book a wine tasting in advance in the wine cellar under the Visitor Centre. This can be done for groups of 15 people or more.

De Vlier Brewery

Bioengineer Marc Andries followed his passion and opened De Vlier Brewery in 2008. Every Saturday, he takes visitors on a guided tour, after which you can sample his surprising creations in the cosy tasting room.

Stella Artois

World-famous and deeply rooted in Leuven. You can take an interactive tour of the brewery in full action every weekend. Naturally, you’ll be able to relax even more with a Stella after the tour.

Also take a look in the VisitLeuven brochure!